Aspro fabrics largely superior to traditional carbon fabric. Below are the main advantages of our fabrics. For more  information, read the article about the benefits of Aspro fabric

High physical and mechanical properties 
  Aspro fabric structure is more than 1.5 times better implements reinforcing properties of carbon fibers, in comparison with the traditional carbon fabric. Due to use of high-strength carbon fiber, products made of Aspro fabric are more than 2 times stronger and stiffer than of other fabric.

Weight reduction of the final product 
Application with low weight high strength fabrics allows to optimize thickness of the product while saving necessary strength and stiffness. Thus, it is possible to reduce total weight of the product.   

Ease of cutting and laying
Carbon fiber are fixed together in fabric by epoxy compatible binder. Fabric does not crumble and loses structure during cutting and laying in the form. There is no need to use additional binder.

Smooth surface 
Small amount of gaps and flat fabric structure provide  excellent quality of surface. Final product practically do not require finishing process before painting.  Large pattern of fabric weave can be used as design feature.

Ultralight and strong carbon fabric
for most demanding
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