Scope of our carbon fabrics is very wide: from decorative finishes to complex structures. The greatest demand for Aspro fabric obtained in tasks where requires maximum strength and stiffness with minimum weight (primarily aviation and sport).

Seaplane amphibian L-42m

Fabric: A-60, A-80
Application: Mechanization of the wing (ailerons, flaps), elevator and rudder.
Result: Weight reduction, increased stiffness, perfectly smooth surface.

Seaplane amphibian L-42m, designed by AG Annenkov is the best option for the people with an active life. The combination of efficient engines, excellent aerodynamics and hydrodynamics (one of the best seaworthiness qualities for this class aircraft); high load ratio; flight distance enough for serious travel; attractive appearance; high maintainability makes this plane dream of fishermen's, hunters, romantics...

Rowing boat by Nowing

Fabric: A-80
Application: , -.
Result: Weight reduction, increased stiffness, perfectly smooth surface.

Boats for rowing produced by multilayer sandwich technology, using for inner and outer shells - carbon and hybrid (carbon/kevlar) fabric.The heart of the 'sandwich' boats NOWING is filler with a honeycomb structure, as a binder - high quality epoxy resin. Molding of boats is made by vacuum process and after high temperature sintering process.The combination of sandwich materials are used in the manufacture lets avoids manifestation on the surface of the honeycomb structure during whole lifetime of boats. NOWING used materials and technologies which allows to reach the minimum weight boats permitted by rules of international Rowing Federation (FISA) and ensure a long service life.

Sport R/C glider 1.5 m

Fabric: A-60
Application: Wing with sandwich structure, fuselage.
Result: Unattainable for other materials ratio stiffness / weight, with a perfectly smooth surface.

Throwing glider Validol is one of the best models in its class, thanks to modern design and efficient aerodynamics. The extreme rigidity of the airframe, best ensured through the use of composite materials and technologies. Wing and tail are molded into precision aluminum snap with light foam materials. The model is designed for pilots of all levels - from beginners to experienced pilots. "Validol" is active used by pilots from Russia, Europe and the United States and always with great results.

Wing-in-ground effect craft Ivolga

Fabric: A-80
Application: Mechanization of the wing (ailerons, flaps), stabilizer, elevator and rudder.
Result: A substantial reduction in weight while maintaining a predetermined stiffness, a smooth surface (without showing the fabric structure).

WIG effect craft Ivolga provide sustainable safe, highly efficient, environmentally friendly movement at heights of 0.2 - 4.0 meters at a speed of up to 220 km/h with a range of up to 1,500 km. Used on rivers, even covered with ice and snow, on seas with waves 3 - 4 points (wave up to 1.5 meters) in wetlands and flooded areas. Ivolga is amphibian - base on land and water with independent access to them.

Ultralight and strong carbon fabric
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